Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is your Mom a Stripper?

I overhear the greatest things when I work in my garage!

Through a half open garage door, my boys forget that I still have ears.

I had been on the phone with a friend talking about different brands of strippers, and their benefits. When  I overheard this conversation between my youngest and the very knowledgeable boy down the street.

"Dude! Is your Mom a stripper?" My still sweet boy's response? "You mean, like on tables and stuff? Ya, I guess so." (I sooo love that he doesn't get it yet). I had to break in! I was afraid of where this was all headed! So I invited the two of them into the garage to "watch me strip". Whew! Crisis averted, they were pretty quickly bored and left to ride scooters.

The top was stripped with Citristrip (which I love) and stained with General Finishes Gel Stain in Java and finished with 3 coats of poly.

The body was painted with two ASCP colors. Old Ochre as the base and Old White as the top color. I love to layer colors, when distressed there is such depth and texture. This one is pretty distressed. It makes me happy!

I took this to my brand spankin new booth at As Time Goes By in Greenwood, MO. I am pretty excited about this new space, and a little nervous too. Getting things together for my space has taken the better part of  the week, but I have finished 5 new pieces of furniture and lots of other goodies.

Now I need a nap.

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  1. I can see why it makes you happy! Beautiful job.
    Good luck with you new space.

  2. Nice job! Are you just opening up shop? I'm looking to do that too...just haven't found the perfect spot yet. :0
    I'm you newest follower.

  3. Love the furniture! And thanks for sharing the stripper story! How funny!

  4. Pretty piece! And great story, hopefully that takes care of your stripper rumors!

  5. Love the curves. And great choice of paint combos! Thanks for sharing!

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  7. have to repost- type o

    Great piece and darling story.

    My Mom? Ain't a stripper but I remember when I was about 14 y/o and we were in Sak's Fifth Ave shopping one time and a lady said to Mom, "May I help you madame?" And without missing a beat, my own mother said, "Madame? I'm not the Madame, I'm just one of the girls!"

    True story.

    Suzanne in NW IL visiting from Savvy Southern Style's WOW linky party

  8. You've created a beautiful piece. Enjoy your nap.

  9. that is hilarious! love that story!
    and the washstand is adorable! love the details on it and the two toned look!

  10. Hi! Mary from The Decorative Paintbrush here, coming over from P & P. Beautiful piece and an even better story :D I have 5 kids myself and love to "listen" while I work too. They say the darnedest things when they think you aren't listening, right! I'm a new follower.