Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If Chippy is Happy, Then I am Beside Myself.

Those of you who are familiar with my blog or my Facebook page, know that I love and want to marry Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. For real. I puffy heart love chalk paint.

But for the love of Pete! Would you look at this? (Yep, I made that picture extra giant because I LOVE it)

I would officially like to invite Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint to live in my house forever. Or at least until I run out of furniture at Restoration Emporium and in a panic, run home to pick up whatever furniture I have painted in my house. Let's be honest, the lifespan of furniture in my home is sometimes not very long at all!

I found this piece in an antique shop and passed it up the first time, it was just on the edge of being too much money, so I went home empty handed. I went back two days later because I couldn't stop thinking about it. It has fabulous details and such texture on the wood, that I knew it was special.

I know you are jealous that your dining room isn't as pretty as mine and that you don't have Christmas wrapping paper and moving boxes all around. Let the haters hate :-)

I painted this beauty with MMS Milk Paint in Linen, almost immediately, it started to peel and chip. I have painted a few pieces with milk paint before and never had chippy happen like this. Seriously? I thought it was alive!! There is no way to really control what happens which is a little hard for a control freak like me, so I just walked away. You would have thought I could have unpacked a box or something ... ummm, not so much.

I love the result. It looks so authentic and CHIPTASTIC!! 

It's always good to have another tool in your box for just the right piece.
This is the right piece for Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.

***UPDATE ~ In what may be the quickest change ever, I have decided to take this to Restoration Emporium for the sale,  February 1-3. I got the flu and didn't have a chance to paint much this month, so, a lucky someone else will get the chance to love this beauty in their home!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello Again, Florence

Well, it has officially been forever since my last post. First, we moved, what a nightmare. Then, there was football for the boys and broken bones, fantastic. Then basketball... and then, oh yeah, the crazy person who wrote to me after I painted a piano yellow. Seriously, I had a person who wrote a relatively threatening email about the piano in this story. Never saw that coming. Well, whatever and let's all paint pianos just to annoy the mean people.

Since my last post in September (!!!!!) I have been painting tons of furniture, yaay! Here is one of my favorites. Yes, sometimes I paint in my family room in front of the TV. At least this time I managed to grab moving box and put it under the piece! 

This was a super easy and quick transformation. I didn't paint the top or the legs, I love the contrast and   they were in fantastic shape, with a little teak oil they were as good as new. The body I painted with two light coats of ASCP in Florence, when it was dry, I distressed it with 220 grit sandpaper and waxed it with dark wax only. Florence is such an eye peeling color to me that I felt like skipping the clear wax first was a good choice. I kind of puffy heart love this piece! So did the lady that bought it about an hour after I brought it to Restoration Emporium!

So, what have you been up to since September (!!!!!)?

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