Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy to be pooped.

Chalk outline? Homicide Victim 101? Or just a really tired girl, passed out on the bed who can't believe that it's only 7:58pm. That would be me, sleeping on top of the covers, unable to move. Exhausted.

I made my final (maybe) delivery last night to Restoration Emporium for the BIG Grand Opening THIS weekend. The surprise, soft opening last month was great, but this is better. The excitement there is off the charts and we are all so happy to play a tiny part in the goodness that is to come. 

What a treat to be around others who do the same thing. They get it. The mess that comes before the pretty. The garages that look like an episode of Hoarders. The Craigslist app on my iPhone alerting me to the latest postings, which could cause me at any minute to say "I have to go right now". The paint in my hair, stain on my hands, clothes forever splattered with 87 colors of paint, exhausted but happy girl that I have become. 

All of the work has come to this. This is what I have, I hope its enough and that someone else likes it too. I really don't want to bring it all home. I am really tired.

And this one is kind of my favorite. Mostly because it is HOT PINK and has glitter sparkles :) I am a girl, after all!

Did you see the glittery stuff? 

Sparkly happiness.

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  1. I think you will do very well. My favorite is the yellowish cupboard. Love it!! I love the armoire with the shirred fabric inserts too. Good luck!

  2. Beautiful pieces!!!
    And by the way, I get it also -
    you forgot to mention splinters and chipped nails, lol!!!
    Love your work.
    Good Luck

  3. Everything looks beautiful! I get the so tired you could just collapse...been there done that!

  4. Your booth looks great. Not to crowded, something for everyone, tastefully done. Now sit back & enjoy the ride. Good luck! Dee

  5. I love all of it! You are going to be wildly successful. Yes, I agree, it is so completely soul satisfying to be with other creatives who "get" all the nuttiness that goes with getting a space ready with Home Decor and furniture that you did yourself. It is wonderful that there are more and more places like this popping up all over the U.S.

    I just have one teensy gripe, you are selling that amazing round Coffee Table????? I have a giant crush on it. It better go to a home that really, really loves it.

    1. I am a little sad about the coffee table. Do you remember the picture of the socks in the cubby in the original post? Well, that was just the beginning of the mess that found its way there. If it doesn't sell though, it is coming home and I will replace the children :-)

  6. I went to the soft opening last month. Impressive since you weren't planning to open up until this month. I think I heard you all on the Junk Mafia radio show this week too. I have a space in Liberty Belle and love the atmosphere on First Friday Weekends. Good luck to you...your furniture is beautiful.