Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Coco and Graphite Frenchy Desk

This desk came from a moving sale in a fancy pants neighborhood. The wife was clearly frustrated with her husband, he had decided 15 minutes before that they should have a moving sale and stuck a sign in the yard and didn't tell her. The kids were fighting. The movers had just left and there was complete chaos in the house. I felt completely at home there! Plus they were just saying "make me an offer" for their furniture. I thought about offering the pack of gum in my purse.

Somewhere (and I wish I could remember where) I saw a picture of a beautiful dresser painted with ASCP in a mixture of Graphite and Coco. The color was a rich grey. Of course I didn't write down any recipe that time or when I mixed mine. Nice right? I just dumped the bottom of two cans together and hoped I had enough. I had barely the right amount!

Because I love to see three colors after distressing, I used the off white that the desk was already painted and then distressed further through to the wood underneath. Kind of a neat look annnnnnd...somehow I forgot to take a closer picture of that! Uggggh!

I usually use both clear and dark waxes when finishing dark pieces, but this was such a pretty color that I skipped the dark wax and just used clear. 

This sweet writing desk is waiting for a new family at Restoration Emporium's May sale. She is well behaved and does extremely well in chaos. 
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  1. I love what you did with the desk--looks great!

  2. you hit 270,I love the mix to...and find outlaw on ASCP is so fun...Duck Egg and Provence yes love the blues. I could do a room in it and be happy

  3. Really nice and different with the slate color. Just found your blog~ love it.