Sunday, October 16, 2011

Introducing Maude

 This is Maude. She's a dirty girl.

    Look at her torn clothing, held together with pins, barely hanging on.

When I got her, she had no legs, she was in pretty rough shape. She came in a box from New York City, from the Fashion Institute of Technology where she had been used in a video. She has lived a hard life. I gave her coat rack legs and a clean (relatively) place to live and love. She keeps me company and shows up in pictures every so often. She creeps my children out. I love her.

    This morning, she had new clothes.

    Nicely done boys. Nicely done.

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  1. Maude is gorgeous, even with the jersey. Mine creeps out my son too. Must be a guy thing. LOL. Marie

  2. Well, having just found you today and commenting on just about every post, I'm beginning to feel like a stalker! But, just had to say, Maude is lovely, and your boys have a good sense of humor! :)