Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Last, First Time.

This is my last, first blog post. Ever! Pretty excited about that!

I have been so inspired by other bloggers and have learned so much. I just want to be one of the "girls" that blog, so here I am. My dreams for this blog are many, but I hope that some day, someone can gain a little from me as I have gained through the generosity of so many. Because of those others who have inspired me, I have a business and a new passion. I feel incredibly blessed. Thank you. You don't even know who you are yet but, thank you.

Well, since you (all zero of you today :-) don't know anything about me, I copied one of those Facebook "25 things" quizzes that pretty much sums up who I am.

1) I own power tools. Lots of them. And I know how to use them.

2) I need coffee every day. Not like, but need.

3) I call Starbucks coffee "a good day in a cup". Because it is.

4) I love being home with my kids. Realllly loved working full time, but this is better.

5) I have no idea what my natural hair color is. I know what it says on the box, but that's it.

6) I married my best friend's brother. Now, he's my best friend, but I still love her bunches.

7) I never liked pink until I had four boys. Now it's my favorite color, mostly to annoy them.

8) I had a Barbie cake for my birthday, 4 years ago.

9) My first car was a 1972 Chevrolet Impala. My grandparents totalled it so they gave it to me. It had plastic seatcovers on the seats, they were immaculate. It was a lovely shade of brown. I called it the septic tank.

10) I love Chick-fil-A. I think my husband has the greatest job in the world and I am secretly jealous, but very proud of him.

11) I played a lot of instruments growing up. Flute, piano, saxaphone, french horn, violin and clarinet. God bless my parents for being so patient, and deaf.

12) I went to four different high schools. This was not fun but it made me a better person.

13) I love having four boys. God certainly had a good plan for me.

14) I can't stand to hear people chomp cereal. It disgusts me.

15) I have moved more times than I can keep track of.

16) I still can't figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

17) I loved selling jewelry, especially at Christmas. I kept track of how many things I sold every season and it made me happy every Christmas morning.

18) I am very competitive. I have to stop myself from cheating to win.

19) I love to remodel. Demo is the best, just give me a mallet and I will break something on purpose.

20) I flooded my house and had no idea where the main shut off valve was. The fire department knew just where to look... 45 mins and $27,000 of damage later.

21) I am a great shopper. If there is a bargain I will find it, even if I don't need it.

22) I sing in the shower, in the car, and when nobody is home. Sometimes I sing church songs like opera.

23) When I was in high school I had an imaginary twin sister. This caused a lot of problems as I forgot to mention that she was imaginary.

24) I am addicted to HGTV. We had no cable for a few days and I thought I would die. Really.

25) If it stands still, I will paint it!

So, thanks for being part of my last, first blog post. Next time, I promise, it won't all be about me!

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  1. So glad I found you via Miss Mustard Seed's furniture linky! Happy to be your newest follower. I am falling in love with all you amazing furniture makeover bloggers and hoping to get to do a few myself soon, though I am sure I won't be as talented as you for a long while...Can't wait to

  2. see more. ( I don't know what I did to post with missing last 2 words- sorry)

  3. Heavens ~ don't sell yourself short! Find some inexpensive furniture and some oops or leftover paint that you have on hand and just try it! The results are so rewarding :-) Let me know how it turns out!

  4. How fun! I see that I MUST follow you when I do something like flooding my house, I'll know who will understand. :)

  5. Farmer's Wyfe, you should really go find your main shut off valve right now. As one who has done $27,000 (really) of damage to her home, I know whereof I speak.

  6. Yikes, 4 boys! I raised 2 boys, and I have a grandson who's 8, so I know where you're coming from. I always longed for a girl, but looking back (my boys are 32 and 26 now), I was blessed. Sounds like you are too. Congratulations on the new blog. I hope to start one soon too. You're an inspiration. Marie

  7. I think you are funny and I love your "grundgy french" hutch!

  8. I found your blog though Miss Mustardseed. I'm so excited to be following you. I would love refinish furniture and blog about it as well, but haven't drummed up the nerve yet. You and all of the other ladies are inspiring me to take the leap of faith. (Actually, I'm going to take a look at 6 cane back chairs from CL this afternoon.) Anyhoo, the pieces you've shown are gorgeous, especially the hutch. I'm so looking forward to your posts :) Gerri

  9. I found your blog through Perfectly Imperfect and I am happy to have found you too! I love Annie Sloan chalk paint and have begun buying pieces to paint and sell. You are very talented and I look forward to seeing what you might do next! Love Chic-fil-A, football, coffee and a great sense of humor. This is the beginning of a great friendship! :-)

  10. Bervegirl,
    Chick-fil-A, football, coffee, chalk paint AND laughing? We are destined to be friends!

  11. Just found you through Perfectly Imperfect and I can't wait to look around. I am trying to push my "afraid to fail" side into painting some pieces that desperately need it and I so want to do. Your response to one of the comments above might just make me take that leap.

    Love your 25 things...and coffee...yes, I need, not want..without coffee in my system and a shower in the morning, I do not function and that is a proven fact (just ask my kids!)

  12. I have 2 boys & sometimes think that there is no possible way I could have anymore, but you have 4! So it can be done!! Please tell me, do they get easier as they get older, because now, at 4 and 18 months, they are seriously wearing me out!!

    1. Tonya, it can totally be done! It's just physically exhausting when they are little and a little more mentally exhausting when they are older. But, our house is loud and fun and I wouldn't want it any other way!

  13. Four I have one, and 4 girls. Let me know if you want to borrow a few sometime.
    I am visiting from the link up.

  14. wow, i love this link up party. glad to have had the chance to stop by your blog. i love chick-fil-a as well. i joke with my hair stylist all the time about my real hair color. to cute!! see ya again real soon. (:

  15. Uh oh, I was going to say how we are just alike until I read in the comments about the football and the coffee and the $27,000 of home damage. Wowsa! But that's what makes the world go 'round right? Differences. As long as we can dig deep into a conversation about furniture painting and Chick-fil-A while we give dirty looks to the people chomping cereal we will be fine. :) Lisa~

  16. Found you via the 25 Things Linky Party! New follower!

  17. Your whole list sounds like me except the 4 boys. Mostly if it doesn't move I will paint it. And, the best remedy for a bad day is a sledge hammer.
    I like Home Depot better than any clothing store. Looking forward to more posts.

  18. Love it! And I love that you sing everywhere!?! That's sooo me. Thanks for linking it up to the party!!

  19. Funny how when you read about other people you see so many similarities with yourself!

  20. Hi Chrystal,
    I just started blogging as well. The 25 random things is my second post. I have followed blogs for awhile and finally decided to jump in as well.
    I am following your blog. Have fun and I wish you all the best.

  21. So fun to get to know someone through posts like this! Found you through Shaunna's link party. I used to not like pink either, and now it's part of my blog name. Go figure. I was cracking up at your Barbie cake!!! So awesome :) so glad I found you- I'm a furniture girl too. Following!

  22. I am so late to this party! But my husband and I laughed at your water damage one. Reminded us of 2001 and HGTV's Design Time Saturday Night. I got so inspired I decided to redecorate the downstairs powder room and broke open the pipe to the toilet so it couldn't be shut off, and flooded the downstairs. I screamed for him upstairs while using the throw rug to pump water out the front door. He couldn't find the shut off as we just moved in. He went to the neighbor's with the same floor plan and they came running in the front door jumping over me purging water out the front door. Couldn't find the shut off, jumped back over me (I was dying my arms were so tired) still purging water out the front door. Round and round the house they ran. The fireman on the phone said shut off at the main to the house! That bought us time to find the shut off in the house. We had water damage everywhere and spent days with restoration men with fans and pumps blowing everything. Good times, good times.