Thursday, April 5, 2012

Going to My Happy Place

Tomorrow is Good Friday and it will be a good Friday as well!

The First Friday weekend sale starts tomorrow and I am beyond excited! Restoration Emporium will be opening "The Cellar" this weekend and adding 15,000 sf to the awesomeness that is already upstairs. There are lots of new fantastic vendors and the excitement is palpable. The spirit of community and building something together is amazing. It is truly our happy place.

Here are a few pictures of the things I have been working on this month, it is hard to blog and paint at the same time and you can tell by my lack of posting this month what I have been up to.Two weeks of Spring Break have made for some fast and furious painting this month!

Here are some pictures, I hope to do have some before and after blog posts soon!

And because my goodies are not nearly the coolest things in this shop, here is some eye candy from my partners in crime!

 This booth is full of some of my favorite doors and happiness!
 These two are from The House of Belonging. She makes the most beautiful and heartfelt signs. I love them and feel compelled to own many of them. If I could only choose...

If I owned this piece it would be worth changing the decor in my house! The Junktique Girls  ROCK!

These are from Gyspy Soup, made from neckties and repurposed happiness!

So now you can see why this is my happy place! 

I didn't even scratch the surface of the amazingness that is at Restoration Emporium. You should check out their Facebook page, there is so much inspiration there! Here is the link...Restoration Emporium.

If you are in the Kansas City area come join me there Friday and Saturday, April 6th and 7th! You can be happy too!

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  1. You've got one heck of a space! Gorgeous furniture!!! Brian and I are going to try to make it down there this weekend.

    1. Amanda! I hope you can make it! I would love to see you all!

  2. I sure wish I could come visit this amazing looking place and see your work (& others) up close! I am just in love with that hutch in the 2nd photo!

  3. I WANT that dining table!!!! So awesome

  4. o wow,your painting is inspiring. The one piece that grabs me is the piece that is oak on top and I think a robin egg blue,am I right. I have a dresser to do and want to leave some of the oak. Paris Grey is too grey and Province which I love,so happy. But this is a more traditional pc. And your place I love love love,wish I lived closer

  5. You lucky girl! That would be my happy place too! Hope you sold it all! You gave been one busy woman! Especially love your two toned hutch, just gorgeous.

  6. I love reading your blog and then actually seeing your stuff at Re is AMAZING!! I hope to met you soon!!