Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Surprising a Friend

Months of planning led to this fantastic weekend! My best friend from high school, turned 40! My sister-in-law and I flew to Virginia to surprise our friend Alicia and whisk her away to Lancaster, PA for the weekend. 

I can not even remember the last time I laughed so hard. These are some funny, funny girls! I speak with confidence when I say I am sure all of our husbands were happy we went without them.

Here we are. In this picture (which was taken several children ago for all of us) Alicia (the birthday girl) is on the left, I am in the center and Ava, with the great hair, is on the right. Ava always, always has great hair. It is the rule. I was lots of months pregnant with #2 and these lovelies were kind enough to cover me with their flowers. They love me and I love them!

We were hiding in Alicia's basement when she came home from work and 
came up singing Happy Birthday. Mostly Ava sang, I was laughing too hard and trying to video at the same time. I can not multi-task, it's a curse. She screamed and cried, and her husband warned us to keep her on a hard surface (those of us who have had babies understand this).

We got in the car and drove to Lancaster, PA which smells faintly of manure. In a good way. Lancaster is so peaceful with the horses and buggies driving down the main roads. It is also apparently still Christmas in Lancaster, these baskets were everywhere! This is not a crack at Lancaster, I love Christmas!
We ate way too much and drove through Starbucks so many times that the boy at the window began to recognize us. We shopped at the fabulous Goodwill where it is obviously ok to leave the dressing room door open while trying on clothes. We tried on shoes that we would never in 10 million years buy. Can you see how high these are? I actually had to hold on to a pole to even stand up! Haha a pole...there may or may not be pictures...
We saw lots of this...

And went to exactly one Antique Shop. Apparently, not everyone appreciates them like I do. I made up for that on Monday with a trip to The Old Lucketts Store in a visit that deserves its own post.

We made up songs that can't be sung in public and have phrases that nobody else will understand. What a fantastic weekend, with friends that made everything more fun. 

Thanks girlies!

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  1. Hey girlie:)
    It is me...
    Sounds like so much fun and I cannot believe you went to
    Old Luckett's!
    See you next week

    1. Tiffini! We had a blast and Luckett's was beyond amazing, it is a good thing that I only brought a carry on bag! Can't wait to see you next week for the crazy!
      Praying for quick healing for your girl :-)

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Everyone needs times like this:)

    1. Sandy, it was so much fun and refreshing beyond belief! And I definitely agree, everyone should have this much fun!

  3. I live about 45 min from Lancaster and they have some great antique stores. I have also been to Lucketts and wow totally eye candy. Have you ever been to Lucketts for the big antique show in May? It is amazing and I can't wait for next month. Sounds like you had fun with your friends.

    1. Lisa, I wish I could go for the May shindig at Luckett's! I live in Kansas City so I was pretty excited to just make it to the Luckett's Store. There was so much to see! I took tons of pictures and wiped lots of drool off of my face :-) Lucky you to be so close!