Thursday, November 10, 2011

In the Beginning

In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth.

In the beginning, I created nothing. I copied.

I consider myself to be a slightly crafty, slightly handy, slightly buildy (probably not a word) girl. I am a bad cook, a good mom and a copycat.

On April 1, 2011, I discovered blogs. Miss Mustard Seed to be exact. Hook. Line. Sinker. And just like that, I was in love with furniture painting!

On approximately April 2nd, my husband and I had a "discussion" about our household budget. Ever had one of those? Not pleasant, but necessary from time to time. Unfortunately, on April 1, I had already found some furniture on Craigslist that needed me to attempt not to destroy it. A Drexel dresser, mirror and chest for $150! Curvy, yummy.

I remembered Miss MS saying that she had investors, and asked my husband if I had a investor, would he mind if I started painting furniture. I think he might have laughed at me, but he said fine. My "investor" lives down the hall, he's 13, miserly, and a 20% return sounded good to him! Woo hoo! I was in business!

Inspired by (doesn't that sound better than saying "I copied"?)  this dresser from Miss Mustard Seed, I started painting using ASCP. I learned a lot painting this dresser. Like, why using a belt sander to strip the top of a veneer piece is a very bad idea.

 *Professional tip 101. An ice scraper is not the same as a putty knife.

Live and learn. It turned out ok. Not amazing, but alright.

I learned from this. And grew a little. And copied some more.

And then... I started playing a little more and listening to myself and learning what my own style of painting and decorating is. I am still figuring that out and... Loving. Every. Minute.

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  1. Love your flair! And Miss Mustard Seed does rock... Following you both!

  2. I love your creativity in finding an investor! I started out pretty much the same way. We like what we see and copy it, then learn and grow along the way. Your makeovers are beautiful!

  3. And the rest of the story is....... your latest creation is one of the best painted pieces of furniture I have ever seen.

  4. I'm impressed! Plus, you're funny:) Keep at it so I have someone to copy - I mean inspire me! Lookin' good.

  5. It's soooo addicting isn't it? And, you never find the same thing twice so always have a chance to reinvent yourself! BTW...I like the hutch the best! Nice eye.

  6. Much better than alright! It's really lovely!

  7. I really like reading your blog! It is so fun to read and you've got a great sense of humor! I have started on refurnishing my own trash to treasure furniture and I, too, have done stuff like using a window scraper for a putty knife. I am glad I am not the only one who makes mistakes. I feel as we learn we get better and better at mastering the techniques. I will be coming back here again! Good read! And great furniture! :)

  8. Hey Chrystal...Sharon and I just awarded you a blog award for your amazing site! Check it out at Julie

  9. I'm glad you've found your voice--it's beautiful!

  10. This piece is gorgeous- wow! I'm just getting started on blogging myself- you are an inspiration!!!

  11. Just finding you in fall of your work and your style!