Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rustic-ish Table and Some Homemade Chalk Paint

I am pretty excited to finally paint a piece of furniture that I can carry upstairs to the good light! It seems like lately everything I have worked on goes straight out the back door for a yard picture. Unfortunately, the dog also finds her way to the yard, know. We just have to be careful is all I am saying!

I found this cute little table tucked away in the time out corner at Goodwill. Behind the things hanging on the wall. Strange.

Once it came home with me, I looked through my Hobby Lobby knob collection (say that three times fast!).  I found some knobs and liked the color combination of one and decided the table should be painted with ASCP in Provence and Primer Red to match the knob colors. Wouldn't you know it? I was out of Primer Red, or at least I couldn't find the can. Its probably here, but goodness only knows where it might be in this mess!

I decided to try and make some chalk paint of my own using latex paint from my stash mixed with calcium carbonate powder and a little hot water to help with the mixing. I used the recipe from Sherry at No Minimalist Here. 2/3 latex to 1/3 Calcium Carbonate Powder. My opinion? It's not Annie Sloan, but I didn't hate it like I thought I might. It was a little lumpy before I added the hot water but once added, that seemed to do the trick. It was very smooth. It applied evenly with good coverage and distressed nicely. 

Then I dry brushed a bit of ASCP Provence on the top and sanded it back quite a bit to show the wood underneath. Clear and dark wax were then applied and I buffed it to a light shine. Not bad. 

And at least it's not in the time out corner anymore! It will be headed to Restoration Emporium for the February sale ~ Feb 3, 4 and 5. I have linked to their Facebook Page, you should go and take a look around and "like" their page. Ridiculousness I tell you. Sheer Ridiculousness.

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  1. Looks great! I am seeing a lot of red out in blogland. Seems like it is a new trend..maybe it always has been and I didn't notice:)

  2. Love the color combo. I second you on the homemade ASCP. It's just not the same.

  3. I am doing something similar today, but black is the main color with ASCP "Emperor Red" on top. That is one cute table. Good luck in selling it! I am sure it will go fast.

    1. Oh! I am dying to paint something a true black! Can't wait to hear how yours turns out :)

  4. I saw your linky over at Miss Mustard Seed. I have mixed my own chalk paint and have had quite a lot of fun with it. The red turned out great and I love how you did the top. Very cool idea!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am a vendor at Bella Patina--will definitely need to come see this gorgeous piece in person!! :) Erin

  6. I wondered in after reading a Garden Web post on Chalk Paint where I found your link. I love your sense of humor and your work and the fact that you don't follow the rules then I found out you have four boys. What a wonderful plan God had for you and yours and you seem to ENJOY LIFE.

    I'll be following

  7. It looks beautiful! I have removed a little veneer myself, it is a royal pain. I would love for you to share this makeover at my linky party, Restyled Sundays going on through tomorrow.

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