Saturday, January 7, 2012

What a week!

This week has been full of CRAZY!

3 weeks-ish ago, I signed on the dotted line to become a vendor at the Restoration Emporium ~ a shop scheduled to open in February. RE; is in the West Bottoms in Kansas City. When we first moved to KC I used to think that the West Bottoms would be a great place to dump a dead body. It is also a great place to sell furniture.

The first weekend of every month, the shops full of restored and re purposed goodies open in old warehouses. The shop I am part of used to be a train station. It is shoulder to shoulder and hectic. The coolness factor here is off the chart! 

It was scheduled to open in February. This is not February. 

Last week, the owners figured that they were ahead of schedule on construction and that they would open early giving customers a sneak peek of the goodness to come. Whaaaat??? Needless to say, I had a momentary meltdown. And immediately got the flu. Then I got to work. And did what I could. 

So here is my space. Be kind, this is with a weeks notice. Next month should be better if I can get my sick self up off of the couch...

 And here are some pics of my stuff, someday soon I will do before and afters of them. There were some doozies here!

If you are in the KC area, you have no doubt heard of "First Fridays" and you should come on down this weekend. The West Bottoms just got a little cooler. Pin It


  1. Congratulations on becoming a vendor at a really cool shop! I attend a once a month sale very similar to this in Buffalo,MN and find the best stuff! Your pieces are wonderful and would be a great addition to anybody's home. Good luck on your future sale days!

  2. Good luck in your new place to sell your goodies! I wish there was a place like that where I live… What a fabulous way for you to start off the new year, all the best!

  3. HUGE Congrats! Not on getting the flu, but on signing on the dotted line! I think your space looks fantastique. Can't wait to see what else you put in there. Huge area, you can jam pack with all kinds of goodies! Good luck, hope you feel all better now. Wish I was in the area, I would come shopping!

  4. Hey Chrystal- just recently found your blog! Love your "frenchy grungy" look! Congratulations on your new adventure, looks like a place full of character and atmosphere:o)!! I live in North Carolina, so, unfortunately just a lil' to fer a piece to go & shop with you. I have just recently moved into a place to sell "re-loved" vintage pieces also. Wanted to ask your opinion on chalk paint colors, if you could only buy 3 colors to start painting furniture, which ones would you choose? Thanks, KW

  5. KW ~ Congratulations and best wishes on your new venture! If I could buy three colors of ASCP to start with, they would be; Old White, because its great on its own or mixed with another color, Provence, because everything I paint with it sells in 4 minutes and then either Paris Grey or French Linen because I love the soft Frenchiness of them both. Have fun!

  6. Congratulations!!! Ms.Crystal to your new shop and Thanks for sending me some updates. It motivates me I have some stuff to get it done but sometimes i get bored so when i got some emails from the blogs..I go down to my basement where my working area is and do some stuff done.:) Thanks..and best of Luck to you.

  7. So glad you commented on my blog! And you are going to HAVEN???? Yea!!!!!!! So excited. I just started a booth at the Red Apron in Liberty....much like this shop it looks like. It seems to be "all the rage" at the moment. Let's ride the wave! LOL!

  8. It's exciting isn't it? The Red Apron is definitely on my "to do" list this month. I am a little late to the re-purposing party ~ but its tons of fun!