Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Will Like This Color

I will like this color. I will like this color. I will like this color.

I am trying really hard. I love it when other people paint things this color. I can lose myself on Pinterest for hours looking at the beautiful things others create with this turquoise-ish color. Distressed, it is spectacular.

And it peels the skin off of my eyes! But I will like this color.

I skipped Black Friday shopping to pick up this dresser, it was an hour drive from my house. I thought it was a hutch. Craigslist said it was a hutch. I have an idea that I want to try out on a hutch. This is definitely a dresser with a random hutch top sitting on top of it.

So, I bought it. No way am I driving an hour away and coming home empty handed! It is a great dresser, in really nice condition. It is not, however, a hutch.

I went back and forth between a soft gray and the eye peeling Provence. Obviously, it is not soft gray.

I like the extreme distressing. And the dark and clear wax definitely tone down the color.

I added some sweet little knobs from Hobby Lobby and I like it. The rustic-ness of it appeals to me. If I had a place for it in my house, it would still be here. Maybe I do like this color.

The very best part of this loooooong Black Friday drive? I took my 13 year old with me. I love that he willingly came along for a two hour car ride with his mom while most of his friends were sleeping. That, my friends, is priceless. Pin It


  1. I like the colour and I like your style of painting - you have flair.

  2. I just LOVE Provence! I have painted a buffet & hutch combo plus two dressers and had nothing but WOW comments. The buffet I toned down with clear + dark wax, but the dressers I did not. However, I only painted the outer cabinet and left the drawers unprinted (stained dark or mid tone)! It is a striking color and based on the direction I see a lot of painted furniture I think it's going to be a HOT color trend.. But that's just my own humble opinion! Love your blog and you have a wonderful eye! - Susan

  3. Seriously gorgeous!!! You probably already know it's my favorite color! But, do what's true to you. That's what makes what we do the BEST "job" EVER!!!

  4. Now I love the color and how sweet that your child came along with you...enjoy all those wonderful days. Hop over today to grab my starfish featured button, because you have been featured at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAY.


  5. Hi Chrystal, I enjoy your blog and your great projects. I'd love to know where you got your argyle stencil. Please let me know. Keep the great projects coming. Thanks Vicki

  6. I love how it turned out. Great on the color choice!

  7. too funny! i, too, am struggling with provence and have repainted pieces after seeing them finished in the color. i'm thinking it's not blue enough for me. or green enough. or just plain enough!

    but, of course, i'm loving your eye peeling provence!!

  8. I think it turned out Gorgeous!! Love the color and the detail of the finish!!
    Found you via Miss Mustard Seed.

  9. Love all the furniture you do. I do have a question - do you ever share the steps for getting great looking furniture? I'd like to do a dresser I have at home - but not sure how to get this same look. Also do you use wax or a poly after you paint? Thanks-Trish

  10. I love how this turned out!! A couple questions:
    1. Did you paint one or two coats on this dresser?
    2. Did you mix your dark and clear wax or did you apply dark then clear?

    Love seeing all your projects!! Kepp 'em coming!

  11. Hi Sarah,
    This one in particular was just one coat of paint, mostly because I knew that I wanted it super distressed. As for the wax, I did the standard clear first then I added dark here and there. It was a pretty simple piece!

  12. Another amazing makeover!! Got to love AS Paint!